Christmas tree relocation

The days are getting shorter for me as the slip into the next. Already a week now, and I am in a routine where increasingly I get up later and go to bed earlier. The overcast skies give the sense of even less light than in the first few days I was here.


I walked in a different direction and saw the above evidence of a dog’s paw-prints leading to the fireworks. I also saw a truck relocating a Christmas tree, but only one. It was hidden behind some warehouses on the docks. The rest of the lights remain up around town.









img_8224I also did my first interview with Elisabeth! I think the project will take shape after a few more. I found the Natural History Museum director and asked to do an interview, so we shall meet on Wednesday. I was looking for this museum last week and the door was open so I snatched a photograph of these birds. Is this their natural display habitat?