Defined by the weather

There are days here that are defined by the weather; the malevolent wind through the cracks, the snow that clung to the windows, and forced its way into the entrances. I recorded some snowscapes through the windows. Otherwise, I can’t say a day well spent. The cafe was open so I worked a bit there, organised a few more interviews and drank an unseasonal sangria.












I’ve been thinking about this quote from Aileen Mysles’s book, The Importance of Being Iceland  which I wish I’d had the foresight to bring with me. The last part is especially relevant for this project as a work of being here.

Most likely we travel to exist in an analogue to our life’s dilemmas. It’s like a spaceship. The work for the traveller is making the effort to understand the place you are moving through is real and the solution to your increasingly absent problems is forgetting. To see them in a burst as you are vanishing into the world, Travel is not transcendence. It’s immanence. It’s trying to be here.