Ólafsfjörður: January 2-31, 2017

Why do the ducks not fly south?

This project was made during my residency in Ólafsfjörður in north Iceland and exhibited at the Skammdegi mid-winter festival from January 26-29, 2017. . The site-specific component was a 25-minute documentary walk through a number of locations and around the town. This ended at one of the venues with a video installation called: I’ll take my suns where I can find them. 

I am now in the process of making an interactive online version that people can experience in a different way.

Read more about this project here.

A few images from Ólafsfjörður:




This is a kind of chronicle of my month-long residency at Listhus: Ólafsfjörður, North Iceland. Rather, it’s thoughts, observations and images that will lead to a project at the end.


Day 1: The rescue centre



Day 2: Why do the ducks not fly south?



Day 3: The group saves the herring, the group dooms the herring.


img_8348Day 4: The wind will have it’s way



Day 5: The ravens have arthritis


img_8400Day 6: Under the ice



Day 7: Christmas tree relocation


img_8522Day 8: Defined by the weather


img_8550Day 9: Of principals and poetry



Day 10: Natural History



Day 11: Cartographies



Day 12: fried chicken Fridays & pissing in the snow


IMG_8830Day 13: Fish like tap water



Day 14: temporarily taking leave of the mountains



Day 15: The sun rises and the sun sets. And also, there are Geodesic Domes.


IMG_8969Day 16: Hegelian dialectics



Day 17: folk songs sung by children


IMG_9033Day 18: lights that look like something else



Day 19: The walking path



Day 20: A day of few interactions and no events



Day 21-22: The ice is melting


Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 5.40.56 pmDay 23: manufactured suns


IMG_9137Day 24: Icelandic buffet


IMG_9190Day 25-28: Skammdegi


IMG_9385Day 29: Final Day




Video Documentation of Skammdegi Festival by Alice Liu