final day

The final day arrived and I spent it walking around a large part walking around in -3 degrees with various cameras trying to get as much footage and images for the rest of my project. The snow and whiteness of the last few days gave way to blues and the sun inched above the line of mountains. A few more people did the walk and said that doing it on the last day made an impact. So it was also a day of goodbyes to people, small routines, simple living and a last ditched and unsuccessful attempt to learn a few Icelandic words.

This month has been a rare time to focus on and re-direct my practice in a beautiful environment. Of course I always think I should’ve done more, shot more, taken more photos but also the time here has presented an atmosphere completely free of all that unnecessary pressure. So I say yes to trying to maintain these insights and taking something of this experience with me, and yes to finding more of these opportunities to remind me of the important stuff. And while this last post might tend towards the uncharacteristically hyperbolic and platitudinal, I still say yes!


IMG_9414 IMG_9384