lights that look like something else

Perhaps it is constancy of the shades of blue, but I have begun looking at lights to give me a visual thrill.During the night I woke up and saw bright lights of green and pink through the crack between the blind and the wall. Again this was not the aurora I had wanted but a string of coloured lights hung across the eave of the guest house over the road.

I’ve especially started to look more intently at lights that have a yellow cast: street lamps, car headlights, the ceiling lights, and the remaining rows of Christmas lights still hanging in windows. And as I was swimming laps in the pool this evening, I felt as though I was repeatedly emerging from the blue water and swimming towards a bank of bright yellow lights. But then I remembered I was wearing yellow lens goggles that I had borrowed from a box at the pool.

IMG_9033In a lot of the interviews I have done, people spoke about the darkness and how it gets to people. There seems to be a general acceptance of the darkness as part of the understanding of the nature of things.

“You can just face the darkness, like walking into the darkness.”

I have started compiling the material, editing, scripting. I’m thinking of this movement from the darkness.