Hegelian dialectics

Today presented two mysteries involving the church in Akuyeri.

The first was the graffiti in English which cited Hegelian dialectics, and that “GOD IS A CUNT”.

  • God/Satan
  • Good/Bad
  • = Hegelian Dialectics

This is interesting for a number of reasons. The first question might be why this is written in English? Is the writer Icelandic and is using English to create distance? Or are they an English speaker? The graffiti that is pictured below being cleaned was not possible to read, up close, far away or with a camera. Was this because it had been cleaned more? Was this graffiti worse?

I am not an expert on Hegelian dialectics and what I know is only from a short philosophy and film editing course. The physical action I think of is of the knuckles of two fists colliding. What does this person really want? The church was closed but the guy who was cleaning let us in for a few minutes and we saw and heard the 3200 piped organ being played, which was a spectacle of another kind.


IMG_8968IMG_8971 IMG_8969








The second mystery involves this painting in the admin building adjacent to the church. The material used looks very much like tampons that have been dipped in paint and used to create this mosaic effect. So, are they tampons with the string removed (or faulty tampons that the artist purchased cheaply?). There is the odd ‘tampon’ which has the pointy end facing outwards. And if they are tampons, has anyone realised yet or have I made an important discovery today? A quick Google search reveals that no one has posited this theory yet.