Fish like tap water

What day is it? The main discernible differences between a weekday and a weekend are that there are fewer people in the supermarket on a weekend and the school buses don’t run. For me, more and more, the days are passing as the 26th of January gets closer and I must finish this project. Ultimately the constraints will help define what it is. The networks I have made and the people I have managed to interview will be the substance. The sounds I have recorded will be the texture. And my own observations and reflections will form both the meta and the subtext.

Every interview I do here feels like it is won. Not as though this is a battle, but it’s also a combination of elusive participants, unpredictable weather and my own (sometimes) inhibition in approaching people. Each interview then is a negotiation of multiple factors.

Today I interviewed Siggy, who is the husband of Alice from Listhus. He grew up here and told me of his attraction to visiting harbours and fishing here as a kid. Before the commodification of seafood, fish was never bought, only given. He told me “fish was like tap water”.

And in landscape news… The presence of snow has the effect of providing extra illumination making the days suddenly longer. Hooray! Though, this also results in coldness. I have allowed these images to remain silent and framed out the Skidoos.

IMG_8795 IMG_8797